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Don't alert based on root cause


We see customers start and stop Azure machines regularly and we get alerts for those even if the root cause says "This virtual machine is stopping and deallocating as requested by an authorized user or process."

Can we tell Site24x7 not to alert for failures with that root cause?

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Re: Don't alert based on root cause


Thank you for contacting us. We are working on a solution for this. Will keep you posted on the updates. Btw, It would be great if you could share a few use cases with us.

For example, what are the typical cases where a user stops a VM and start it? How do you determine that customers are stopping a production instance for a legitimate problem? This is to make sure that Site24x7 does not stop alerting for the production VMs being monitored.

Also, do you record a reason for the VMs being started/stopped manually? This would help us build the feature to your requirements.


Product Manager, Site24x7

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