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DNS monitoring of a-record


Is your tool able to check that a specific bare domain only contain one a-record and not multiple, and that the a-record returns a specific IP?

One of our clients DNS provider continue to have some issues and we want to monitor this in an automated way. One of the issues is that the bare domain some times has multiple a-records where only one of them is valid. We want to monitor that it only contain one a-record and which IP it contains.

Thanks in advance.

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Jens Beltofte

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Re: DNS monitoring of a-record


When querying a DNS server, it typically returns a full record set for the specified name and type. A record set is a collection of records that have the same name and are the same type. e.g. the A-record set for the bare domain "example.com" can contain 1 or more IP addresses. We don't currently provide the ability to check for additional undesired IP address, but we have logged it as a feature request. We are working on a more advanced DNS monitor that can perform complex checks on multiple records and will try to accommodate this use case.



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Re: DNS monitoring of a-record

This would be very handy, in a scenario where an A Record may change when it should be static. Or for instance a CNAME endpoint changes when it shouldn't be changed.

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Re: DNS monitoring of a-record

We have integrations with a cloud service that do not provide static IP addresses. Being able to monitor when that IP address changes would be very valuable. Any update from a year ago, Kurian?

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