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Django (Python) web applications support?

I've noticed on the Site24x7.com website that you're explicitly mentioning Java, .NET and Ruby on Rails as supported platforms for detailed server-side monitoring of web applications.

How about Django,the web framework based on Python technology? Do you support analysis of Django applications and other Python code?
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Re: Django (Python) web applications support?

Python is not supported yet. We have not initiated development in this direction yet either. We have plans for PHP support ahead of Python.

Thank you for asking. We hope to see more requests for Python before we start on it.      
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Re: Re: Django (Python) web applications support?

Hi Gibu,

Most of the applications built for last 5 years is on python django. We have 5 applications which are built are python. I would request to support python asap.

Regards, Senti

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Re: Django (Python) web applications support?


Early access for APM Insight Python agent is now available. 

You can download the agent from the Python Package Index and install it by referring to our help documentation.

The Beta version is free to use. After the General Availability (GA) release, you will be charged for individual instances. 

We would love to hear your feedback upon using our agent.

In case of any questions or complaints, please drop a comment below or send a mail to support@site24x7.com



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