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Disintegrate / de-intergrate EC2 / Agent Monitors function per Account


As this function can only be done by Support, I would suggest to add this function per Account/ MSP Account:


If the AWS Monitor is setup to include EC2 Instances, AND in regard to the stats for the HDD & RAM that the Agent is also installed on the said EC2 Instances, then both Monitors are automatically merged together producing 1 single Monitor but with 2 Pricing Modules.

This can only be undone by support on a per account basis.

It would be a benefit if the Instance in question that has both EC2 Monitor & Agent Monitors integrated that there is an additional button to seperate the monitors allowing for seperate Billing Monitors to be fully managed and not integrated.


This is in ref: to Re:[## 382275 ##] EC2 Instance Monitor & Agent installed Ticket.



Sean Brown
(tecRacer GmbH)

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Hi Sean Brown,

Thanks for raising this request. We will add your request to disintegrate the monitors to our service road map.  

The integrated EC2 + Agent, helps you to solve a couple of niggling issues, which generally crop up when you try to monitor dynamic AWS environments with standalone server agents. You have more advantages when having both EC2 & Agent in case of Auto-scaled instances particularly. 

  • No licensing headaches - Your terminated AutoScaling instances won't be eating up valuable licensing space anymore, instead they will get suspended in the Site24x7 console
  • Site24x7 will be able to distinguish an instance termination from an instance crash
  • Automatic clean up - Your terminated EC2 instances will be automatically removed from the Site24x7 console.
  • Reduced alert fatigue no more redundant alerts when AutoScaling instance gets terminated or when agent communication failure occurs. 

As a workaround for your current problem, if you want few of EC2 instances not to be discovered/added for monitoring you can either modify your AWS IAM Policy to allow access to specific EC2 monitors you would like to monitor or configure Exclude Tags in Amazon monitor Configuration so that ec2instances which you want to be monitored only through the agent are excluded during auto discovery.

Hope this helps. Get back to us for further clarification or support. 



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