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Disable Docker interface discovery

Hi Support,

I would like to have an option to disable discovery of docker interface in site24x7.
I know that there is option to disable applications discovery, however I would like to disable just docker interface discovery..
Many Thanks,
Marcin Bednarski
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Opened a support ticket this week to ask the same thing. In our case we ended up disabling application discovery as a whole, but more granularity would be very good.

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Sorry for the inconvenience caused and thanks for reporting this. We shall take this as a feature request and update here once the docker interface discovery is made configurable.

We have plans to enhance the current docker monitoring by adding some more features like

   - Collecting docker logs

   - Alerting based on docker events

   - Visibility to container process 

   - Aggregating metrics based on images

If you have any other use cases, please share them as well.




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