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Device wise performance of web-pages

Hi team,

Just a suggestion...

It would be good to have device wise performance monitoring tool in Site24x7.

For example, if we want to test the performance of a web page in iPhone-5, I should be able to do it in Site24x7 which I think is not currently available.

Thanks team

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Re: Device wise performance of web-pages

Hi Jaganaath, Have you tried our Real User Monitoring? It gives performance metrics of your webpage across browsers and devices. It not only does this but a lot more. For example, it detects javascript errors, takes snapshots, monitor ajax calls and do much more. Our latest addition lets you playback the Summary report. Do try it and let us know.

All you need to do is include a script in your page(s). Once done you will get realtime performance metrics that your user experience anywhere in the globe. 

To configure your webpage to use real user monitoring follow this help link. For adding the monitor you can refer this help page.


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