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Detailed report from Real User Monitoring

Our client has a 99.99% requirement that response times are less than 5000 ms.  We can measure this using RUM with Apdex theshhold set to 5000.  Problems with execution so far:

1. We can't get a detailed report of the result in order to deliver to client.
2. We'd like to include RUM monitors in our SLA reporting.  This doesn't seem to be possible right now.
3. The Apdex % score doesn't allow visibility into the two decimal places we need to see.
4. When outliers occur, we have no ability to drill into them and verify it's not an issue with our systems: all we can see are averages.
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Re: Detailed report from Real User Monitoring


We understand the importance of Reporting in Real User Monitoring. It is already there in our work items and we will keep you informed when we complete that.

Regarding Apdex % score, we do show the score upto 2 decimal places for the overall application as well as for individual transaction. Refer image below.


I am sorry, I miss to understand your requirement here. Can you elaborate, what is your requirement with respect to apdex score?

Drill down option is also work in progress.


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