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Dependency for the complete product = Proxy ?

Hi all,

we use a proxy server for the monitoring agent on all servers. In my point of view the proxy server is the core server for the complete product "Site24x7". How does other customers implement a dependcy for all monitors if a proxy server is in use?

Dependency Model:

First: Proxy
Second: on-premise poller (sometimes)
Third: other dependencies like "Monitor" or "Monitor Groups"

Is there a "right" way to set a general dependency setting for the complete suppress alerts?

I think about a workarround to create a master-monitor-group which is over all other monitor groups. This master-monitor-group has a dependency to the monitor ping (Proxy). Is this a way how I can setup this request?

Please help me to understand this topic.

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Hello Patrick,


Just now i replied to another post on dependency monitors with the solution that allow one to configure Moitor Group as a dependency.

We will look into this possible enhancement.



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