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Customize iOS app notification sound

by it11

Could you make it possible to customize the notification sound in the Site24x7 iOS app? In all versions of iOS, third party app developers (e.g. Zoho) must allow their app's notification sounds to be configured as this function is not available in the iOS operating system itself.

As it is, the Site24x7 iOS app, the app can only use the default notification sound which makes it hard to identify a Site24x7 notification because it sounds like many other notifications. 

An example of an iOS app which allows customization of the notification sound is PagerDuty. The PagerDuty iOS app allows you to select one of a number of distinct sounds for the notification tone. This way, by the sound of the notification, you know you are receiving a PagerDuty notification.

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Re: Customize iOS app notification sound

Hey there,

Yes, it makes absolute sense to provide a distinct notification sound for Site24x7 notifications. We have added this feature request in our product road map. It's too early to provide exact timeline for this to be rolled out, but expect couple of months.


Aniket Sinha

Site24x7 Team

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