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Custom Time Period


I have installed dot net APM insight agent.Now I need performance traces for through rest API for custom time and date option.

I need data for very less time span such as 1-5 min.

e.g. Date : 26-12-2018 and time : 12:00 to 12:05

As you have already path parameters for below endpoint  such as 

ID Type
H Last One Hour Data
H3 Last Three Hour Data
H6 Last Six Hour Data
hD Last Twelve Hour Data
D Last One Day Data
SD/dd.mm.yyyy Particular Date Data (SD/20.04.2016)


But didn't found for particular date data along with time period.

Please let me know on this

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Re: Custom Time Period


Kindly try the API in the following format, (for getting data between 12:00 and 12:05).


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