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Custom Plugin Not Polling

I wrote a custom plugin with C# for a windows server with SQL Server.  The plugin loads/registers just fine, and returned data a single time.  The idea is every 5 minutes query a database local to that server to determine a value (relevant to count of errors internal to an application), and graph that.  If I suspend and then re-activate, it will poll.  Again, one time.  Right now the plugin state says "Last Polled Time" of 3 hours.  The rest of the monitor attributes (windows, cpu, disk, memory, sql metrics, etc.) all function just fine.  So the obvious question, what's wrong and/or how do I troubleshoot this?

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Re: Custom Plugin Not Polling


Thanks for writing to us. Please share your logs to support@site24x7.com to help us analyze the issue further.





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Re: Re: Custom Plugin Not Polling

Thank you.  I have just sent the logs.