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Custom alert name


I would to add custom alert name for the alerts. By default site24x7 is having a CRITICAL, DOWN, TROUBLE, UP, SUSPENDED etc. Along with this I wanted to add my custom alert called LOOKUP, DANGER. Is this possible to add?

Thank you.

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Re: Custom alert name

Hi There, 

    We are not planning to give additional statuses at the moment. Wouldn't it possible for you to map the statuses given with your custom status? Any use case you are trying to solve?

We have plans to help users customize the alert object itself. But it will fall in our next year's roadmap bucket list.


Site24x7, PM


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Re: Re: Custom alert name

Hi Jasper,

Currently there are only two status(Critical and Trouble) is being shown in the "Availability and Threshold" profile. I wanted to show more status there, so that I can fulfill my requirement.

Let say,

If my EC2 instance CPU Threshold is greater than 50 means Troube, greather than 70 is Critical, greater than 85 is Danger and finally Down.

For this purpose I want to add more custom alerts.

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Re: Re: Re: Custom alert name

Hi There,

  Thank you for explaining you use case. I've added it to our backlogs. We encourage other members in the community to upvote (hit the like button) this feature for us to take it forward. 


Site24x7 PM

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