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Current Connections and/or Current Requests in IIS Thresholds

I would like to request the addition of Current Connections (and/or Current Requests) in the IIS Threshold Profiles.  Right now, there are only three options (Site down, App Pool down, and Network Traffic), which are distinctly less useful for monitoring individual server load. I know I can set the option under each monitor by going to the Applications tab and modifying the threshold value there, but being able to set a global profile value and assign the profile to a group would be much more efficient.

For reference, the equivalent NT Performance Monitor item that I am looking to replicate functionality for would be Web Service -> Current Connections -> _Total. 

Thanks, Dave

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Re: Current Connections and/or Current Requests in IIS Thresholds

Hi ddougherty,

Thanks for your request. We will take up your requirement and update once it goes live. Other than 'Current Connections/Requests' attribute, would you like to monitor any other attribute as well globally for threshold violations? Please let us know. 

And, it would be great if you could take some time to share your thoughts on the following questions. 

1. Are the metrics that are now included for monitoring your IIS servers useful?

2. Would you like to add up any additional metrics for monitoring?

3. Would you need any additional Actions for the IIS Sites, Application Pools, and Applications? 

4. Would you like to have any Dashboards across all IIS Server monitors in your account? If Yes, what are the metrics you would like to view.

5. Have you tried our APM Insight for IIS ? Please do so and let us know for any additional support.

Please take a few minutes to share us your valuable feedback that would help us improving our service.






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