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Cumulative Charts in APM


an option to create or configure cumulated Response-time and throughput-Charts for a monitor-group consisting of APM-Monitors would be great., because an APM-Application can consist of an application-cluster and so it would be great to see the performance of the cluster.


Cheers Jens

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Re: Cumulative Charts in APM

Hi Jens, 


You are right on time. This is what exactly we are working on now. Dashboard for APM monitors. We will inform you once we do it. 

Keep your suggestions coming. Apart from Response time, throughput charts, are there anything else you want to view at the monitor group level. If you can also tell us, how that benefits you, we can validate the use cases and implement them. 




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Re: Re: Cumulative Charts in APM

Hello Raji,


thats great news, really looking forward to this feature :) I think apdex and Transactions by Avg. Resp. would be great too.




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