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[New Feature] Cron & Heartbeat Monitoring

We are glad to announce support for monitoring your cron jobs, microservices, daemons and almost anything that can send a HTTP request.


  • Get a cron or heartbeat monitor added with a simple no-coding setup, in minutes
  • Use cron expressions to help define fixed time schedules and get greater flexibility
  • Add a heartbeat monitor to just know if your task is able to communicate with your server or not. Be alerted when they don't ping back.
  • Troubleshoot cron failures quickly before it impacts your system
  • Be instantly notified via email, SMS, or third party integrations like PagerDuty, HipChat, and Slack.

Read our documentation to know how to set up a monitor. 

Have any questions? Let us know your requirements/queries in the Comments section below.


Happy Monitoring!

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