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CRM Contact Syncing for Signals Subscription

I feel there should be an easy way to import CSV's or have an automatic link between Zoho CRM and Signals.


Would this be possible for the two dev teams to put their heads together and explore?


i.e. - a view of contacts within Zoho CRM will be referenced nightly for changes and automatically subscribe individuals that are not subscribed, and not allow them to unsubscribe type setup

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Re: CRM Contact Syncing for Signals Subscription

Hey Nick, 

  CRM integration is an awesome usecase. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here. We will work on the possibilities. 

As for CSV import, we already have an option to import subscribers from a CSV file. Under the subscribers tab, click on Add Subscribers > a popup opens > Click on Import subscribers > here you can import a csv file with the format mentioned below (you can also look at the sample csv file format).

# Format: email,subscriber_name,subscriber_emailid,[component1],[component2]

email,Zylker Subscriber_1,subscriber_1@zylker.com,Zylker API,Zylker Website
email,Zylker Subscriber_2,subscriber_2@zylker.com,Zylker Website
email,Zylker Subscriber_3,subscriber_3@zylker.com

This will import users. In the csv file you can assign components to which you want a user to be subscribed to.

Hope this helps.

Product Manager, Site24x7

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Re: Re: CRM Contact Syncing for Signals Subscription

Is there a way to prevent people from unsubscribing?


For example, if we have users of our customers that subscribe to our services as "Authorized Users" or main points of contact in our CRM, we want them to always be subscribed for status updates with no possibility of unsubscribing and potentially risk missing important updates. It would be a requirement on our end for them to receive those alerts and updates as part of them being that kind of user within our customer base.


If they absolutely demanded they didn't want to receive those alerts, we would demote them to not be an authorized user (checkbox) in our CRM and they would automatically be unsubscribed.


Almost like there needs to be a "silent" subscription, as opposed to having end users confirm their subscription.

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Re: Re: Re: CRM Contact Syncing for Signals Subscription

Hi, any update on this possible integration? I did not see it on the Roadmap.


We would like to simply email a list from within CRM, and not allow any unsubscribing.


i.e, if a user marked as an Authorized User within CRM, we have a view setup where only users are shown where that flag is true. We would like to auto-add those / auto-delete based on that view.

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Re: Re: Re: Re: CRM Contact Syncing for Signals Subscription

Hi, is there any update on the possibility of this feature coming around?


What about not subscribing / allowing people to be removed? i.e, always email to this Zoho view of users all the time, etc.

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