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Critical and Warning time for Cert Expiration

Would be nice to be able to set a critical and warning threshold for Cert checks. We currently are looking at migrating more checks into Site24x7 and about 100 of those are cert checks that we need the dual alerts for.

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Hi framirez,

Thank you for your valuable feedback. The current behavior of SSL certificate monitor is as below:

If the user's certificate validity is below the threshold days, Site24x7 raises a trouble alert.
If the user's certificate has modified, Site24x7 raises a trouble alert.
If the certificate is revoked/blacklisted/Unable to connect etc, Site24x7 shows the monitor as Down.

We understand that your requirement is to have Critical and Trouble alerts for SSL certificate monitors. As this involves a change in alert status, this needs to be implemented across monitors, alerting, user level alert configuration, third party integrations etc.

Multiple levels of alerting/alert statuses is already in our Product Road Map, where we plan to introduce few more status such as Critical, info etc. However, we do not have an exact timeline for the feature to be available in the product. 

We will keep this post updated once the feature is available in Site24x7. 
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So I'm guessing this was not worked on

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I, too, would like this critical value... it'll probably be 7 days for my shop.

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Hello Erik and brose,

We have the backend in place to support multiple alert levels. We will add support for the SSL Certificate monitor shortly. We’ll keep you informed with any updates.




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