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Created a custom plugin, but Site24x7 isn't detecting any attributes

Hi everyone, so I created a custom python plugin to monitor an AWS Redis Cluster. It uses the redis python module to pull memory info from the cluster, and returns it.

Now the plugin seems to be working correctly. I run it manually and get this:

"heartbeat_required": "true",
"max_memory": 10527885773.0,
"plugin_version": 1,
"units": {
"max_memory": "bytes",
"used_memory": "bytes",
"used_percentage": "%"
"used_memory": 5729456.0,
"used_percentage": 0.054421715086364855,
"validation output": {
"Result": "**************Plugin output is valid**************"

Looks correct to me, it gets the max memory, it lists the units for everything, based on what I'm reading this should let site24x7 display and show graphs for these attributes, and I should be able to set thresholds for them.

But...I can't. Site24x7 claims the plugin has 0 attributes.

Am I doing something wrong here? I followed their instructions basically exactly, the only thing I changed is I switched the sample code from python to python3, but that shouldn't matter, all it cares about is the output. It runs it correctly and claims the cluster is up and running because nothing errors.

Any thoughts?

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Re: Created a custom plugin, but Site24x7 isn't detecting any attributes

I solved this by the way. The problem was, the plugin was screwed up when I first added it. I re-registered it to fix the problem, but for some reason this doesn't update the attributes 24x7 sees?


Either way, what you need to do is go to the monitor, then click on plugins, then click on the template name. Then on THIS screen, hit delete, and delete the template and monitor. Then Re-register the plugin and it should have the attributes. This is the only way to fix this which is silly. If it's picking up the new plugin script, why can't it pick up the new attributes at the same time and update the template?

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Re: Re: Created a custom plugin, but Site24x7 isn't detecting any attributes

Hi Dan,

We use versioning in the plugin to update the attributes registered to the template. If you want to alter the attributes defined in a plugin, you can increase the plugin version in the script by 1, it will update the template with the new set of attributes for monitoring.

As an alternate, you can delete the plugin template and re-register it. This will delete the template and its associated plugins and newly add the plugin template with the current set of of attributes for monitoring.

We are checking on the possibility to auto add the metrics. Will keep you updated on it.

Hope this helps.



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