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Create Custom Report for EC2 instances by Region

I am looking at the AWS monitoring and we had an issue in the past where someone got into our account and made hundreds of instances in other regions (we only use one region), and it took us longer than it should have to notice the issue. We have been looking for a way to either run a daily report or setup a monitor to alert us if an instance is made outside of a specific region.


I noticed when I added my instances to my account with you, that the ?Region? variable is pulled and viewable. However when I go to create a customer report, ?Region? is not an available metric to choose.


Would it be possible to add this or have a way to setup a monitor/alert that will let us know if an instance is made in a region outside our own?

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Re: Create Custom Report for EC2 instances by Region


Thanks for bringing this up. 

We are currently in planning phase ,for forming monitor groups, based on resource level info like Region, Availability Zone etc. Guess that will solve most of your problems as you can schedule reports as well as control availability at the group level . 


We will try to keep you updated on this offering. 




Ananthkumar K S

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