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CPU Utilization threshold

For CPU Utilization threshold one can only pick a value up to 120 minutes. Why is this the case? For some servers we have batches that run longer than that on a monthly basis, and would like to set the time duration to 1440. Why is this not possible?

Furthermore, in my opinion it should not take the amount of time set in the time duration for a monitor to become TROUBLE, for a monitor to recover.

For example, I set CPU alerts to only go to TROUBLE after 120 minutes of 90%. When I have 150 minutes of 95% CPU and then it drops, the alert should recover after 150 minutes, and not after 240 minutes.


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Re: CPU Utilization threshold

Hello Tom,

We would like to inform you that we have changed the alerting mechanism according to the logic mentioned above. However, if you still seem to face issues with this, kindly send out an email to support@site24x7.com in this regard and we shall have it looked into.

To address your query about increasing the trouble strategy duration above 120 minutes, we are afraid that we do not have it planned for our roadmap at present. However, if we do take this up, we will have it updated in this thread.



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