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Configuration profile for AWS monitor


we're using the AWS monitor to check our AWS cloud resources - this monitor installs child monitors for VMs and other AWS resources and I am talking about this parent. For our systems, it triggers about every 4-5 days a brief downtime followed immediately by up again within 2 minutes. There is never any real AWS downtime and AWS resources are always available to users, so this must be a network or intermittent issue.

I can't seen to configure this (parent) AWS monitor. Is there a way to configure the AWS monitor to not trip on the first down time? E.g. a configuration profile such as with all the other monitors?

Or anything else we can do to not create an alert in this situation?

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Re: Configuration profile for AWS monitor

Hi Michael,

We will fix the issue related to down alert triggered due to network issues in our next update. We will be bringing in configuration profile support when threshold/alerting for our S3 buckets is provided.

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