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We need to monitor CLOUDFRONT distributions. Since this a CDN service and involves a cost, DATA TRANSFER sum is vital. You can detect a spike in bandwidth, costs, and even a possible attack. For same reason, the default monitoring uses AVERAGE as default attribute. More importantly, there is no option to SCHEDULE A REPORT to get simply the total of DATA TRANSFER for a distribution. This is basic monitoring in our opinion. 

Secondly, when scheduling a report, some data is missing. I'm sending again an example in the attached PDF. On the web report, SITE24X7 shows the graphics  and the TABLE under that. The web shows a table a graphic for both DATA TRANSFER and REQUEST COUNT. But on the PDF we get when the schedule report is trigged, we have the REQUEST COUNT GRAPHIC, the REQUEST COUNT TABLE, the DATA TRANSFER GRAPHIC, but NO DATA TRANSFER TABLE. Why??? this table is equally important. 

Bottom line, we need to be able to have a report showing at least the 2 things that could alert of an issue: TOTAL DATA TRANSFER and TOTAL REQUEST COUNT, not the average.

I don't see this as a feature request, but I was told by support to post it here. For us, is a bug. Could someone from product management take a look at this?

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Dear Marsili,

   Our apologies for having a hard time in this. You point is valid and we have taken note of it. I have also notified this to our dev team. As part of the plan we will first give the attributes you get in the performance as a table as well. i.e in cloudfront case you will get request count, data transfer and error rate in the table instead of the only request count. 

We'll check how best across we can support this across the product. 


Product Manager, Site24x7


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Thank you Jasper, that’s really important to us is to get a report in which we can see the total amount of GB or TB used to a distribution, not average, but total. That’s the number to look in order to control cost and traffic Spikes.

do you think this is something we can see soon?

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