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checkpoint firewall device template

Hi Team,


we have pysical and cloud guard check point firewall on azure and we wan to monitor the our firewall i am able to enable snmp and the network devices is reflecting but the parameters (CPU ,memory, HA etc are not showing up can you provide the right device template .

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Re: checkpoint firewall device template

Hi Manojbabu,


Normally, device templates for checkpoints will be available under generic templates. Site24x7 supports close to 10,000 device templates, of which you can select the one that best suits your checkpoint device.

However, if you wish to monitor a parameter that isn't offered by default, we can provide the OIDs for your reference.

For instance, for the parameters that you've mentioned above, please find the respective OIDs below:

  • CPU utilization – .
  • Memory utilization – (.*100
  • HA status – .

You can create a custom performance counter by adding the appropriate OID to the device template.

Hope this helps. Please let us know if you require the OID for any other parameter.

Also, do reach out if you've any feature requests. If feasible, we'll include it in our future releases.

Feel free to add your feedback as comments below.


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