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Check Frequency Not Applying as Expected than Network Device Unreachable

Hello all,

I am facing some weird issue in site24x7, just starting in this tool, so I can be missing something.

All my network devices are configured for 5 minutes poll interval, but as you can see on the attached screenshot, it polls every 5 minutes then sundenly poll in 1 minute interval and when it happens, the connection is unreachable. And it happens like 4 corrects polls then 1 wrong poll.

Taking a look into all my log alerts, the devices are unreachable only when it 1 minute wrong polls happens.

So, anyone can help me to solve this issue or guide me in any configuration mistake that I can did? My onpremises poller is ok and no drops or something like that in my firewall.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi there,

This issue has been sorted out in the latest Network Module build. However, we would need to apply a patch for your case. Please get in touch with us at support@site24x7.com so that our team can guide you regarding the process and resolve this issue.

Hope this helps. Feel free to add your feedback as comments below.


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