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Certificate Transparency Monitoring

Certificate Transparency seems to be picking up more and more. With that, I'm seeing a strong desire to make sure we are monitoring our CT Logs. Would love for CT Log Monitoring to be built into Site24x7 so we can keep it a one-stop shop. 

Here are some useful links: 

- What and why CT - www.certificate-transparency.org/ 
- A tool from Facebook to monitor - developers.facebook.com/tools/ct/

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Re: Certificate Transparency Monitoring


    I understand you would like to check if your domain appears in the Certificate Transparency logs and be notified of any newly issued certificates. We'll record this as new feature request.

    Is there anything else with regards to Certificate Transparency you'd like to monitor?




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Re: Re: Certificate Transparency Monitoring


Right now that would be the primary thing I can think of off the top of my head or at least a big win. 

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