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Centralized user management for all services



We've been a happy user of Site24x7 for years and would like to take advantage of other products like CloudSpend and Signal. However, it seems that there's no granular user management option available for different products. 

Ideally, we like to have a user groups different that our DevOps managing Signal. It seems that today, the only workaround is to sign up for a Signal account which created a whole new org for said user with no option for two orgs to be merged. 


Org: mycorp

User A:  Global admin

User B: Member of DevOps - Standard user with access to Site24x7 + Signal + CloudSpend

User C: Member of Group AA - standard user with access to Signal

User D: Member of Group BB - standard user with access to CloudSpend

and so on ... 


Would love to see this option on the roadmap for future releases. 



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Re: Centralized user management for all services


  Great to hear that you're using Site24x7 products to the fullest. Yes, unified user management is in the works and we'll be able to support your requirements soon. I'll update here once I have an update. 


Product Manager, Site24x7

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