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Business Hour option not working for historical data

Hi team,

I created a support request as I wanted to get information for server monitor performance reports for past 3 or 6 months. We use these reports to recommend if the server needs upgrade. But problem is when selecting historical data, business hours are not considered and number and graph in the report are not showing the true stats.

For example if a server during normal business hour has CPU hovering around 85% and memory around 70% then if I run the report for last six months report will not show current number as it includes all non-business hours (approx 52 weekend days and numerous night hours).

Initially when I showed the report to support engineer they agreed that their is a bug. But later came back and said business hour is only considered for last 24 hours. Which honestly didn't make sense as why you need to filter information from last 24 hours as you already have so many small intervals (1 hour, 6 hour, 24 hour) also it will not make that much impact because of such as small time interval. You need filtering when you are running reports for longer time period. Even the webpage (www.site24x7.com/help/admin/reports-settings/business-hours.html) doesn't mention anything that this feature is only applicable for last 24 hour data.

This feature is really important to us as a MSP because we need to provide recommendation to our clients based on their historical data. And if the data is not accurate then its a big minus for us.

Kind regards,

Sandeep H


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