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Deploy MongoDB monitoring plugins in bulk on multiple servers using Ansible automation

We're excited to introduce an Ansible playbook for deploying our MongoDB monitoring plugin integration. With this playbook, you can automate the installation of the MongoDB monitoring plugin across multiple nodes or servers.

How does this help you?

If you're running multiple MongoDB instances in your ecosystem, using the Ansible playbook to deploy the plugin helps you:
  • Save time and effort through automation: You don't need to download and install the plugin manually across multiple servers.
  • Improve consistency: Ansible simplifies the deployment process, ensuring consistent installation across all nodes. For example, the playbook checks for dependency modules like Python3 and PyMongo that are needed to install the plugin, or automatically updates the Python path in the plugin script so that deployment is consistent and without errors that can rise from manual installation.
  • Scale efficiently: Scale deployment in your growing infrastructure efficiently by using Ansible and the playbook to install the MongoDB plugin in bulk as and when needed.
Try it out

Visit our GitHub repository and refer to the README file for detailed instructions on understanding its functionality and how to effortlessly deploy the MongoDB monitoring plugin across your servers in bulk.

Happy monitoring, 
The Site24x7 team
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