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Bulk Delete Monitors (VMware)


I would like to see the feature/ability to bulk 'delete' VMware VM's based on it's status (UP or DOWN)



Admin > Bulk Action > Delete Monitors > Monitor Type > is > VMware VM

This provides a full list of VMware VM's regardless of status, without the ability to filter down on the status (UP/DOWN/or other)


I was in position where several hosts were added that made up 200+ VM's. Some of those ESX hosts were deleted, however, the VM's staying but were reporting as DOWN. To manually remove those individual VMs is cumbersome.


Therefore the request for the ability to mass delete down devices (in this case VM's) would be welcome.


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Re: Bulk Delete Monitors (VMware)


Sorry that we don't support this at the moment. We'll take this as a feature request and add it to the product roadmap.

As a workaround, you may try the steps below:

  1. Delete all your VMware VM monitors in Site24x7.
  2. Enable autodiscovery of virtual machines in all your VMware ESX/ESXi monitors.
  3. Wait for discovery.

All your active virtual machines will be readded for monitoring. Reach out to us via support for further clarifications.



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