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Better Visibility of Accounts That Haven't Been Validated

It would great if in the Users & Alerts section would display an alert that an accounts email hasn't been validated.  Right now you have to go into the individual account but if you could see that from the tile view of users it would be useful to see it on the accounts.  Whether that's a color banner on the account, different font color, etc.

You can see that information in List view but this is for the Tile view.  Also, if you could sort that column in List view like you can the other columns it would be helpful.

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Re: Better Visibility of Accounts That Haven't Been Validated

Hi Keith, 

  There are several places where you can identify if a user account is validated or not. In the list view you can check the "User Access". For users who haven't verified, their status will be Invited. For the rest it ill be wither Verified or Allowed.

The user who hasn't been verified will be shown a alert marker in the email icon in the tiles view. 

In our newly added Advisor section under Admin tab, we have a recommendation for unverified users. Here, you also resend the verification link for all the unconfirmed users. 



Product Manager, Site24x7

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