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AWS SNS monitor

 AWS SNS Topic threshold values operate "one-way" only. For example the "..is in Trouble" status is triggered in five minute polling interval just ok. But the "..is operating normally" status is never triggered back again! There are no buttons, tick boxes, drop down menus etc. in Site24x7 user interface to manage this? It seems to be only possible to trigger the alerts "one-way" with AWS SNS monitoring?

Reason I ask this, because we do have Lambda DLQ feature implemented with AWS SNS, this means that EVERY single message pushed to SNS must be realized as "error/abnormal" status. If there is no new messages with default 5 minutes polling interval, then the system is considered working normally again. With "one-way" notifications, we won't get reliable availability metrics, the status will be "in trouble" all the time.

I don't know if this is a feature request, or if there maybe are some ways to actually implement this behaviour?


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Re: AWS SNS monitor

this just started to work now! I just have no idea about what was wrong in where?

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Re: Re: AWS SNS monitor


Thanks for bringing this up. We identified the problem and patched it immediately for you. Happy that it solves your problem. 

Keep writing to us. 



Ananthkumar K S

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