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Additional metrics and dashboard enhancements for AWS monitoring users.

LCU metrics support for your Classic Load Balancer:

If you're currently using a classic load balancer and are wondering about migrating to an application ELB to better suit your needs but are not sure about the cost implication, then these additional metrics could come in handy and help in estimating costs.

Infer how much you might get billed with the following metrics:

  • Estimated ALB active connection count
  • Estimated processed bytes
  • Estimated ALB new connection count
  • Estimated ALB consumed LCUs.

As you may already know, these metrics are approximations, and its sole purpose is to provide you more information to make informed decisions regarding migration; hence you can neither set up thresholds for these attributes nor get alerted in the event of a violation.

The four new metrics will be enabled on all currently monitored and newly discovered classic load balancers and can be accessed via the "ALB Migration Details tab" in the monitor details page.

Estimated metrics for Application load balancer migration

Dashboard enhacements

The AWS inventory dashboard released last year provided users a quick and easy way to get a breakdown of monitored resource type count across their AWS account. To make this even more useful, we've brought in a couple of changes to the dashboard UI. First, the account box that displayed information regarding last updated time and rediscovery interval has been removed, and replaced with a new stacked bar chart to illustrate resource history usage. Now you can see how your monitored AWS resources have evolved over the last six months and also detect changes by comparing one month's number with another.

Monthly monitored AWS resource level usage

Well, that's about it, if you have any questions or feedback you can get in touch with our support.


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