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New Service View for your AWS integration

Hey folks,

Today, we're introducing a new Service View to make it easier for you to visualize the current state of your AWS integration. The Service View provides a user interface to access information about what is being monitored and displays the monitor count summary across active AWS integrations in a compact card format. This view also prioritizes the cards, first sorting them by monitor count and then by integration state.


You can click on the card of a service you're already monitoring to navigate to the listing page. When you click on Enable Integration, the card flips over to reveal additional information and actions. You can either choose Confirm to start monitoring the service (what used to take multiple steps can now be accomplished in two simple clicks) or choose View Permissions to learn more about the supported metrics and required read-level actions. Additionally, you can also access the Advanced Configuration feature from the Service View.

card transform

We're also rolling out some user interface changes with this release to remove some visual clutter from the left navigation pane. For the menu dropdown, instead of displaying the entire list of supported services at once, we will only show the services that are being monitored.

The Service View is currently available for all customers. As always, if you have any questions or feedback, you can get in touch with us at support@site24x7. Cheers!

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