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Automatic Configuration for Azure

When adding monitors you provide AWS users with the ability to tag their vm's with a specific key value pair that is read by S247 and the group is created and the monitor applied.

www.site24x7.com/help/admin/monitor-groups.html : Automatic Configuration (AWS resources only)

Is it possible to achieve the same either by the same process or, via the agent that can take a group tag parameter to achieve the same result - FOR AZURE?

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Re: Automatic Configuration for Azure

Hi jose,

    Once the Resources are discovered from your Azure account, we also automatically bring in the tags associated with them, and show it up in our web client.

   We create Monitor Groups at the Azure account level (Account level overview map). This will provide clear insights on the Subscriptions, the Resource Groups under each Subscription, and the Resources (with status) under each Resource Group. Currently, we don't create Monitor Groups based on Azure tags. We shall add this to our road map and update this thread when it's live.  





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