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Auto Upgrade and Bulk Upgrade Not Working

I noticed that all are Windows monitors are mixed between version 19.9.0 and 19.9.5.  Our settings is to auto upgrade when the newest versions are released.  At this time the newest Windows version is 20.0.3.  The same issue applies to our Linux servers as well.  The version is 18.0.0 while the newest one is 18.1.0.  When trying to bulk upgrade, all the servers are greyed out.  If I remove the option to auto upgrade and go directly to a server, there's no option to upgrade.  Other than upgrading over 1500 servers manually (won't happen), what are the steps to fix this?

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Re: Auto Upgrade and Bulk Upgrade Not Working

I ended up submitting a ticket for this.  Will update this post with any results.  

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Re: Re: Auto Upgrade and Bulk Upgrade Not Working

We have seen this issue also.  Apparently there has been an issue found in the 20.0.3 Windows agent that causes issues on some specific OS configurations which is why they have disabled the Bulk Upgrade and Auto Upgrade features.  A fix is being tested currently for this, however this seems to be taking some time as we were advised they were going to re-enable this feature a couple of weeks ago.

We need to deploy the new agent also due to a problem we have experienced that was fixed in 20.0.0.  The only options currently are to update manually or to ask Site24x7 support to upgrade the instances for you.

I do wish they would communicate these issues better as it would then prevent a load of people having to open tickets for the same problem.

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Re: Re: Re: Auto Upgrade and Bulk Upgrade Not Working

Thanks for that information Paul.  I thought I was doing something wrong as there was no information about this on the community board or via email.  I agree with you that communicating these issues would prevent a lot of people from opening tickets to the same problem.  Maybe I should put that in a feature request lol.

Like you, we could use one of the newest versions which fixes problems with IT Automation not working.  We do have plans to move scheduled tasks over to Site24x7 but can't do that when IT Automation isn't working correctly on the older ones.  

Again, thanks for the update and if I find out anything new from the ticket I submitted, I'll update this post.

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Re: Re: Re: Re: Auto Upgrade and Bulk Upgrade Not Working

Hi ,

Apologies for the delayed response. We had faced an issue in the discovery for Failover Cluster and Hyper-V, due to which the upgrade option was disabled. We have fixed the issue and the upgrade option is now enabled

As for the agents that are installed as non-root user and servers with a lower version of TLS (below TLS 1.2), the agent upgrade will not work. We are working on fixing that issue. Once that's fixed, we will notify in this post. 

The auto upgrade for agents have started, but is on low priority now. We will ensure the latest agent is upgraded in all the servers at the earliest. 

Thanks for understanding. 




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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Auto Upgrade and Bulk Upgrade Not Working

Thank you.  I can confirm all agents are now able to be upgraded and have been upgraded to the current version with no issues.

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