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Auto-close Incidents in Opsgenie

Hello Team,

In my current environment, we have grafana and opsgenie integrated for alerting purpose. Whenever a alert is generated from grafana, an incident is created in Opsgenie (this is working as expected) but whenever the alert in grafana goes back to normal state, the incident ticket which is open in opsgenie is not getting auto closed. Due to this we are facing issues in getting proper alerts and incident tickets via opsgenie. 

Can someone help me why this is not working? Should i make some changes or enable something?


Thanks in advance!

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Re: Auto-close Incidents in Opsgenie

Hi There, 

   Have you integrated OpsGenie as a third party integration in Site24x7. OpsGenie has auto closure of ticket once the monitor is up. 

>>> Whenever a alert is generated from grafana, an incident is created in Opsgenie

Can you explain this a bit more. I would like to know if you have integrated alerting from Site24x7 to OpsGenie or from Grafana to OpsGenie.

Can you put some screenshots of your configuration in Site24x7 please. This will help us guide you in the right direction.


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PM, Site24x7

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Re: Auto-close Incidents in Opsgenie

Wrong Forum? We talking here about site24x7;)

However - If you use the opsgenie integration in grafana


then auto resolve is enabled by default.

Check the option “Disable Resolve Message” in the grafana opsgenie configuration. Maybe this toggle is enabled.



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