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Authenticated URL

We recently began using a product that redirects an unauthenticated user from the target URL to a login page and then back to the website. My uptime monitor has basically been monitoring the availablilty of this login page. Is there a way to pass login credentials to the login page with the uptime monitors? I was not able to see anything in the setup page.

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Re: Authenticated URL

Dear Richard,

     You can monitor by authenticating your page. Navigate to your website monitor's edit page (Web tab > Hover over hamburger for the website you want to configure > Edit). 

Under HTTP Configuration section there are 3 authentication methods you can use. Basic/ NTLM, OAuth or web token. Choose any one of the methods and give the information required to authenticate. Once done save it. You should be able to monitor your login for available now. 

Let me know if this helps.


Site24x7 PM 

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Re: Re: Authenticated URL

Thanks for the reply! 


I actually have that configured with a username and password. I am pointing to the website url I want to monitor. but when the credentials are passed they aren't being used because we use NetScaler to provide a SSO and Netscaler redirects the user to a login page (which can't be hit directly) and then redirects post authentication to the site. I might just need to call into Netscaler. 

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