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Attention Site24x7 users : Withdrawing RC4 support for Site24x7 service from 28th Oct, 2015

RC4  is  an  encryption  cipher  used  in  protocols  such  as  SSL / TLS . RC4  ciphers have  long been  considered  problematic  because  of  their  vulnerability  to a number of cryptographic weaknesses that can be exploited. To know more about RC4 vulnerabilities, have a look at the current  IETF  draft . 

We wish to bring to your attention that due to these security vulnerabilities, we will be phasing out support for the RC4 encryption algorithm from 28th Oct 2015 .

We will stop extending support to the following RC4 ciphers for our SSL / TLS protocols.

TLS _ RSA _ WITH_RC4_128_ SHA 


Analysis  of connections to Site24x7 services  show  that  only 0.1% of users utilize RC4 in their protocols. As a Site24x7 user, depending on how you access Site24x7 service, there are  two cases in which this can affect  you -

  1. Accessing Site24x7 services through API  calls: 
    If you have configured your integration to access Site24x7 services  through API calls,  you  may  need  to  reconfigure  your current  integration so that it uses a more secure alternative  such  as  AES. If your integration  was provided  by a third-party vendor please do get in touch with them and  re-configure  your integration. If you are uncertain of your current integration, please provide us the name of your third-party vendor or a copy of your code snippet so that we can assist you.
  2. Accessing  Site24x7 services through browser: 
    If you are accessing Site24x7 services  using Internet Explorer(IE6  or less) on Windows XP(or lower) you will not be able to access site24x7.com. Similarly, people who access Site24x7 services  through outdated browsers on devices such as old mobile phones will not be able to access site24x7.com. 

    As a workaround, we strongly recommend Windows XP users to switch to a newer version of Windows. If this is not possible, you will need to use updated versions of browsers such as Firefox/ Chrome to access site24x7.com.

Please keep in mind that failure to make these changes before 28th Oct 2015  will render you unable to access Site24x7 services.

Please write back to us at support@site24x7.com  if you need any clarification.

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