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[New Feature] Async request tracking in Site24x7 APM Insight Java agent


We are pleased to announce that the APM Insight Java agent now supports asynchronous request tracking.

That's right—the Async Request Tracking feature has been integrated with the Traces feature, allowing you to gain visibility into your distributed applications with end-to-end timeline graphs. This allows you to monitor and track the performance of asynchronous functions along with web transactions without the need for any additional configuration.

Async request tracking in Site24x7

Many tracing tools are incapable of keeping track of the context switching that occurs in asynchronous applications, resulting in incomplete traces.

The Traces Details tab in Site24x7's APM Insight has been specifically designed to include async support, allowing users to easily instrument all types of applications, regardless of whether they are running synchronous or asynchronous code.

For example
The end-to-end timeline graphs show how asynchronous tasks are executed concurrently across your environment. Within each timeline bar, you can track a single request as it travels across service boundaries, identifying the points where it encounters errors or excessive latency.

The following screenshot shows how we track various async calls in the application.

Metrics of async calls

You can also view the following metrics for async calls.
Async call status: Completed, Failed, Cancelled
Async thread information: Thread name, thread ID, CPU time, memory allocated
Threadpool wait time: The wait time of an async task for a new thread assignment
Wait time in caller thread: The wait time of the main thread for the async job to finish (if join() is invoked)

Feel free to drop your feedback or suggestions as comments below.

Happy monitoring!

The Site24x7 team

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