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Applogs for NGINX not pulling in logs


We are just starting to test out Site24x7 as a monitoring platform.


We've set up servers on the site and are getting metrics in. Which is all good but we are having trouble setting up Applogs for NGINX web/error logs.


It is worth noting that the syslog data is successfully coming into site24x7


For this server we have configured the log profile as shown below, along with the Applog page in the server tab.


I've tried changing the log files permission to 777 but with no luck. I know the file is populated cause I generate logs every time I test it out.

The logs aren't customized or changed in any way. They are just the default error logs, I also tried it with access logs but without any luck.


Many thanks

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Re: Applogs for NGINX not pulling in logs

Dear Mohamed,

    This may be a specific problem. I urge you to contact support@site24x7.com. When doing so, attach agent logs files along so that its faster for the team to trouble shoot.

Will post here the solution for the problem once solved for the benefit of others in the community.


Product Manager, Site24x7

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