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Applogs docker JSON


We are using Kubernetes / Docker to run some Java applications. We are logging our Java application output to stdout whic is being captured by Docker logs and then uploaded to applogs via the Site24x7 server monitor, again deployed using Kubernetes. One problem we have with this approach is that Java stack traces are multiline so get split into multiple log entries in Docker and because of that appear as multiple entries in Applogs making piecing back together a stack trace quite difficult. Looking around I can't see too many options regarding changing the way Docker logs work but does anyone have any experience with this or have come up with a good solution? 

Many thanks,


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Re: Applogs docker JSON

Hi There,

    Thanks for explaining your problem here. It would be great if you can provide us some sample container logs which has the exception trace for us to deep dive into this.


PM, Site24x7

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