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AppLogs - Custom Logs retrieval


I have a custom app which runs once a day and pushes loggin information out to a logfile called proces.log in the format $Datetime:date$ $Message$

I have setup a log profile for this alert and configured the server to send the log file to Site24x7 which it did... once.

I have an alert setup to identify if a 500 error is returned by searching the log for 500, however when I attempted to test this by adding 500 to the log nothing happens - then when i go back to search the log it gives me a message stating :


The last we received logs for this log type was Oct 19, 15:48:50:065 (46 minutes ago)


So my use case for this was to alert me on logging of an error but it doesn't seem to be scanning the log live or retrieving the log on a regular basis.  So how do I fix this?  If i can't then custom Applogs are basically useless to me. 

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Re: AppLogs - Custom Logs retrieval

Hi Tim,

            It would be helpful if you could send our agent logs and "process.log" files to support@site24x7.com to further analyze this issue.

Agent Log Path : C:\Program Files (x86)\Site24x7\WinAgent\monitoring\logs\applog



Magesh Rajan

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