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APMInsight monitors going down for few users

We had a problem in one of the Database clusters. Services got affected for customers on that cluster.
Time :  Aug 26th, 8:16 pm - 8:20 pm (PDT), 8:23 pm - 8:58 pm (PDT).

While majority of the customers were unaffected, few APMInsight customers who were on that cluster, would see their agents in down state.

Reason : Since the user information was not accessible from the db server, the agents were marked as deleted. We have fixed and handled it in a different way and updated our build too.

To get back the agents in working mode, please delete the agent info file, and then restart the server.

Steps forJava agent : The apminsight.info file can be located in the same directory where the agent jar resides. Delete the file and restart the server.

Steps for .Net agent : The apminsight.net.info file can be located in %ProgramData%\\DotNetAgent. Delete the file and restart the APMInsight .Net Agent Windows Service.

Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused.

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