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APM Insight Java agent in other servers


I want to deploy java agent in apache server which is not a supported  application server in site24*7 tool, but when I was going through apm insights supported application servers documentation, in the list of supported application servers there was link for other servers. I will add that link here for reference.  So wanted to check if I  can still deploy java agent in apache server though it is not a supported application server in site 24*7.

Please let me know soon.

Please find below link for reference.


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Hi There, 

  Did you try installing the agent and check in your web server? It would be great if you can let us know what web server are you using in the apache family? 


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Hi ,

We are using Apache http web server. So is it possible to install agent and get thread count?

We tried but did not find anything helpful. We tried Apache plugin as well but did not get the desired result.


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