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APM Insight dot net agent traces

Hi Team,

I am not getting all traces  for  whichever requests I hit on browser also fond that agent is not capturing traces consistently.

Sometimes I am getting only 2-3 traces or sometimes I am not getting any traces.

Can you suggest me best agent configuration for  dot net agent so I can get maximum traces for all my classes and methods.

PFA configuration screenshot.


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Re: APM Insight dot net agent traces


The traces will be collected when the transaction's response time exceeds the configured transaction tracing threshold(default : 2 seconds).

We recommend you set the tracing threshold value less than the average response time of the application. Then, the traces for most of the transactions running above the average response time will be captured.

With regard to capturing the classes and methods, we recommend you use the custom instrumentation feature. Refer the below document to configure it.





Developer, APM Insight .NET Agent




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Re: Re: APM Insight dot net agent traces

But I have given tracing threshold time 0.001 still I am facing same issue.

Traces are not get captured many time.

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