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APM for Python


we have a Python/Flask/PostgreSQL application, monitored by Site24x7.

Is it possible to get some of the APM dashboard/monitoring functionality by implementing the necessary metrics ourselves on our servers and pushing them to the Site24x7 site? I.e. similar (but simpler) to how the Java/DotNet and Ruby agents work.

If yes, would we need to start from a blank slate or are there examples for how to publish APM metrics to the system?

It would be relatively straightforward for us to compute requests per second and request latency, as well as information about database queries made and their latency. The overview dashboards monitoring various servers of our system would be very valuable.

Any hints, pointers to documentation or example code would be much appreciated.

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Re: APM for Python


Please be informed that we support only Java, .NET and Ruby on rails applications in APM Insight monitoring. I will forward this request to our development team to check the feasibility of supporting Python/Flask/PostgreSQL application in APM Insight and add it in our product roadmap. Please bear with us. 

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Re: Re: APM for Python

Any update about this topic.

Others APM tools already have python monitoring.

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