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API to see just the current Alerts

I am looking to hit an API endpoints to pull just a list of current alerts. I can hit www.site24x7.com/api/current_status?group_required=false which will give me a full list of all the checks and then parse out the ones that are alerting but seems like overkill if I just want to see the current alerts. I did see the endpoint for www.site24x7.com/api/reports/alarm but that requires a time frame. After looking through the API reference guide I am at a loss to see just current alarms. I am new to site24x7 so I am probably just missing it. If there is not an api call for this I would suggest a feature request to add a query parameter for current_status to show checks with a status != 1. This would also be nice to use with www.site24x7.com/api/current_status/group/%24GROUPID so I could pull down all checks alerting for a specific group id.


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Re: API to see just the current Alerts

Thanks for raising it here Jeff. We are working on simplifying the API. We'll update here once we finish implementing them.


Product Manager, Site24x7


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Re: API to see just the current Alerts

Wouldn't the www.site24x7.com/help/api/#outage-and-alarms feature do this for you?

Or you can do a pull of current status www.site24x7.com/help/api/#current-status-of-monitor and display them by status except for UP:


0 Down
1 Up
2 Trouble
3 Critical
5 Suspended
7 Maintenance
9 Discovery
10 Configuration Error
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