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API changes?



We have a setup script for new customers, using the API to configure an account. It looks like your API has changed, as creating a threshold profile for SERVER does not work anymore. I had a look at the docs, and also did a GET to see what the JSON should look like, but I can't see to find the problem. The documentation also is not up to date with the actual API results.

Can you tell me what is wrong with this payload:

     -d '{"profile_name": "Default Threshold - SERVER",     -d '{"profile_name": "Default Threshold - SERVER",            "disk_usage_threshold": {                "comparison_operator": 1,                "trouble": 90,                "strategy": 1,                "polls_check": 1            },            "disk_partition_threshold": {                "comparison_operator": 1,                "trouble": 85,                "strategy": 1,                "polls_check": 1            },            "cpu_threshold": {                "comparison_operator": 1,                "trouble": 85,                "strategy": 1,                "polls_check": 5            },            "server_resource_down_alert": {                "value": true            },            "process_down_alert": {                "value": true,                "severity": 2            },            "type": "SERVER",            "memory_threshold": {                "comparison_operator": 1,                "trouble": 85,                "strategy": 1,                "polls_check": 5            }     }'

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Ouch, I said to myself: let's use Postman to grab the correct API call to use while configuring this through the web interface. Guess what: Bad Request as well! Something is wrong with your API!

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Hi Cloudar,

Apologies for the inconvenience caused.

We have not made any changes to our API. Any changes to our API will be communicated and updated in relevant documents.

It was a temporary issue at our end which caused a Bad Request Error while adding/updating Threshold Profiles. We have fixed the issue and updated our Servers.

Happy Monitoring!


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