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Anti-virus exclusion

Hello Community,


is there any best practice related to anti-virus when deploying agent on servers ? 

We have a strange behaviour here: whenever we deploy an agent on Windows Server 2008 R2, RAM consumption goes up. When we stop the agent, RAM comes back to normal. 

My first thought was excluding the Site24x7 agent's process and installation directory from the AV scan.


Any idea about this ?




P. Augras

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Re: Anti-virus exclusion

Hi Augras,

Yes, It is possible that the AntiVirus is scanning the agent processes, because of which there is a spike in RAM usage. 

We recommend excluding the complete Site24x7 installation directory(C:\Program Files (x86)\Site24x7) and agent processes(MEAgentHelper.exe, MonitoringAgent.exe, Site24x7WindowsAgentTrayIcon.exe, Site24x7PluginAgent.exe(if present))  from the AntiVirus scanning and let us know if this helps. 


KB Articles for reference:



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Re: Re: Anti-virus exclusion



i'm working with Philippe Augras


we have excluded the process and directory, but no change, i have also testing with Antivirus disabled, no change


i will open a ticket concerning this issue


this is very annoying

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Re: Re: Re: Anti-virus exclusion

Hi Emmanuel,

Is the issue resolved?

If not, please zip and mail the logs under "<installation Directory>\monitoring\logs" to support@site24x7.com.


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