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[Announcement] Business View: Visualize your Monitor Group

Simplified dashboards improve operation efficiency. In Site24x7, when we thought of building better dashboards, we always wanted it to be simple yet intuitive. So thus born "Business View" dashboard! In a nutshell, you can get a holistic view of all the monitors in the group along with their real-time status. We intend to improve this dashboard and make it an inseparable entity in your NOC. It is just the beginning, rest assured!  Also, our all new Subgrouping aids Business View dashboards to provide better insights. You can generate Business View for your Monitor Group by adding subgroups to it.

Business View lets you visualize all your resources in your IT infrastructure, identify dependencies; finally, ease administration. We’d encourage you to try out Business View right away, as we’re sure about it adding value to your business.

Listed below are the key facets of business view and the various scenarios where you can employ it to reap better operational results:

Visualize your infrastructure to gather better operational insight: 
Set up Monitor Group for your infrastructure grid and segment all your grid resources under various subgroups based on resource type, like website URLs, app servers, cache servers, load balancers, databases and so on. The business view lets you visualize your grid setup like never before and help you quickly spot any outliers causing operational hindrances.

Correlate with monitors and isolate the cause of issues:

A Business View dashboard can offer you a clear idea of your resource dependency and help you correlate events occurring on different monitors to isolate issues. Say your Application Server hasn’t been responding as intended because of a problem with your database server. You couldn’t infer this from your general reports either. However, with the help of Business View for your dedicated Monitor Group, you will be in a position to quickly discern the database error and fix the issue at the earliest.

Troubleshooting made easy:
Say you have a hybrid cloud infrastructure and you're finding it hard to manage all the resources in a single go. By uniquely segmenting the resources in Monitor groups, the business view can give you availability and performance degradation issues marring your infrastructure. Troubleshooting can be made easy as you can instantly spot whether the issues are because of an in-house resource, or as a result of an external service provider.

We'd recommend you to read our help documentation to learn more about the various nitty-gritty. Let us know your valuable feedback here. Also, if you have any questions, please contact us at +1 408 352 9117 or via email support@site24x7.com.
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